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Zurich AttractionsZurich Top 10 Sightseeing Attractions - Here is a list of what we think are the top attractions to see in Zurich. There a plenty of other places for you to see but if you are only in Zurich for a few days then here is our recommendations for Sightseeing in Zurich. We have included some more detailed information about some of the attractions below.

1. The Bahnhofstrasse of Zurich
2. Grossmünster
3. Fraumünster
4. Zürichsee (Lake Zurich)
5. Rapperswil
6. Lindenhof
7. Niederdorf
8. Zunfthaus zur Meisen (‘zur Meisen’ Guild Hall)
9. St. Peter’s Church
10. Zurich University

The Bahnhofstrasse of Zurich – The world's most famous streets for strolling and shopping. At 140 years old and 1.4 km in length, it links the Main Station and the Lake of Zurich. With lime trees decorating on both side of the street, it has about 120 first-class shops of different trades. This elegant structure is built on the site of the city walls and has bank vaults full of gold and silver underfoot. With every major banks having a foothold on this street, coupled with all the jewellery shops, it is the world’s most expensive street.

This street is not only littered with international banks, but also boutique, departmental stores, pastry shops, cafes etc. And of course its very own Swatch store is also located here.

Zurich GrossmunsterGrossmünster – The largest cathedral in Zurich, stand at the east bank of River Limmmat, attracting visitors with her twin towers. There is nothing special about the towers by outward appearance. Furthermore, the Karlstrum tower has 187 steps and there is no lift to take you up the tower. As there is no lift, you have to climb the narrow stairs to get to the top of the tower. Half way up the tower, there is a history galley of Grossmünster. Once up at the top of the tower, you will find that the bird’s eye view of the city is a great reward for the 187 steps that you have struggled up. The view overlooks the River Limmat and gives a good aerial view of the other 2 sister. It also gives a good photo taking angle of the entire Lake Zurich. Take time to enjoy the fruit of your labour while at the top of the tower and appreciate Grossmünster from the inside.

Fraumünster – Founded by King Ludwig in 853 AD, the other landmark of Zurich, stand at the west bank of River Limmat, opposite facing Grossmünster. Not to be outplay by her sister, this sister church flirt with visitors with her 1970 five part biblical stained-glass in the choir and south transept by Marc Chagall. The best time to view these stained-glass is during morning. The freshness of a new day together with the burst of morning light thru the stained-glass can make you feel the warm of God’s love while standing in the aisle of the church. Also look out for ‘The Heavenly Paradise’ which stained the north window in the transept.

St. Peter’s Church – Located near the site of former Roman custom at Lindenhof, this eldest sister, though slightly overshadowed by the other two sisters, is in a league of her own. This oldest church in Zurich is endowed with Europe’s largest church clock face, font dates from 1598, five bells dating from 1880, fire-watchers in the tower until 1911. Walk up to the pulpit and you will see rich acanthus-cartouche with Biblical verses over it. She definitely has what it takes to make sure visitors do not bypass her, to go for stained-glass or view of Zurich city only.

Rapperswil – Situated at the end of Lake Zurich, it is not call the Town of Roses for no reason. It is famous for its display of roses. Even roses are part of the coat of arm for Rapperswil. The best time to view the roses is from June to October when it is blooming. There are many public gardens where the rose bushes can be admired.

Many of this small town attractions are close together and can be visited by strolling thru the romantic lanes of the old part of the town. Beside the rose gargdens, there is the 13th century Rapperswil castle. And it a little surprise to find a Polish National Musuem in a Swiss castle. Next you will find a deer park on the castle hill.

Legend has it that, the count and countess spared the lives of a hind and her 2 offspring on a hunting trip. While resting, the hind appear and laid her head on the countess lap. This gesture of thankfulness enchanted the count and made him decide to build his new castle on this hill and found a village on the south slope. The legend is depicts on painting on the wall of a building, just before the stairs that leads up to the castle.

After strolling thru the castle old town, there are café and restaurants by the quayside that cater to tourist, which you could take a break. You can sit by the café and admire the other side of picturesque Lake Zurich.